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    Hawaii Vacation Condos by OUTRIGGER® offers the most comprehensive full-service rental management program to manage, market and maintain your vacation condo, all backed by 75 years of hospitality experience in Hawai‘i and throughout the Asia-Pacific.

    Meet your Business Development Team

    Becky S Wehner, REALTOR® | RB-16542

    Principal Broker/Business Development Manager

    Phone: 808-921-6757
    Carol Hanna

    Business Development Manager

    Phone: 808-280-1243

    Carol has been with Hawaii Vacation Condos for 18 years. Her experience has been focused in all aspects of management in the Vacation Condo Rental business in both the Waikoloa and Kona areas.


    Hospitality expertise

    With over 75 years of property management experience and our deep roots in Hawai‘i, OUTRIGGER is your ideal partner for managing your vacation rental. Our local property managers and on-site teams are dedicated to meticulously maintaining your property and providing personalized assistance to both owners and guests. Our strong presence in Hawai‘i enables us to effectively manage properties across the state, ensuring exceptional care and service wherever your property is located.

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    Higher revenues

    Our advanced revenue management systems, operated by an experienced team, are designed to optimize your unit's rates, ensuring a maximum return on your investment. Through our dedicated branded website, a worldwide sales and marketing team, a 24/7 reservations center and loyalty programs for guests and travel agents, we ensure your property is showcased to millions of potential guests worldwide, maximizing visibility and occupancy rates.

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    Global marketing reach

    You'll benefit from the enhanced exposure through our dedicated branded vacation rental website, extensive worldwide distribution network (including platforms like VRBO, Airbnb, Expedia, Costco Travel, and Pleasant Holidays), a 24/7 reservations center and a robust global sales and marketing network. Our experienced global sales team (operating in 28 offices globally) actively promotes your unit through an extensive distribution network that includes wholesalers, travel agents, and various booking channels, effectively putting your property in front of a diverse and expansive audience.

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    Superior Service

    Our superior service is delivered by an experienced local team committed to maintaining your property at the highest standard, ensuring worry-free vacation rental ownership. This includes the ease of reserving your vacation rental with a dedicated owner hotline, comprehensive accounting and online statements, and available tax services, all designed to optimize your profits and respond efficiently to your needs and questions. Additionally, we offer unit assessment and enhancement consultations, along with coordination services for renovations and furniture delivery, ensuring that every aspect of your property management is handled with expert care and attention to detail.

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    Hear from our owners



    After being with Outrigger for 20 years we were lured away from the Outrigger program to an independent property management company with false promises of higher rental income and reduced expenses to us. We are extremely grateful to be back with what we consider to be the best rental program on Maui. What we learned in our time with the Brand X was that what we were lead to believe was not reality. Brand X offered higher percentages of the rental income to owners but what we soon came to realize was that there were hidden fees and expenses that were not factored into the equation.

    Denise V. — Royal Kahana Maui by Outrigger Program Member since 2002

    Over the last 20+ years, one thing has never faltered, our revenue from rentals has always been consistent. Housekeeping does a great job making it and keeping it clean or cleaner than we left it. Maintenance is performed regularly and any repairs are taken care efficiently and quickly to minimize downtime and maximize rental opportunities.

    P.V.S. — Royal Sea Cliff Rental Program Member since 2003

    We would not have bought our condo if it were not already a part of the Outrigger family. Having Outrigger maintain and rent our condo has been the best decision we've made (other than buying the condo in the first place). Knowing that Outrigger and it's varied team of professionals is looking over our condo for us brings us great peace of mind, especially given the fact that we live 5,000 miles away. In the thirteen years we've worked with Outrigger, we have had zero issues and everyone we meet at Outrigger, from management to maintenance and reservations to housekeeping, has been wonderful to work with. We look forward to remaining with Outrigger for as long as we own our condo.

    Fairway Villas Waikoloa by Outrigger Program Member 2008

    As a homeowner of 2 units in Honua Kai, we are extremely happy with how the resort is doing and was voted as one of the best resorts in Maui. This includes but not limited to the maintenance of the resort as well as our units, the booking and the prompt reporting of income, it’s marketing program etc.

    F.S. – Honua Kai Resort & Spa Rental Program Member since 2018

    We have used Outrigger to manage our condo since we purchased it in 2009. They provide a hassle/worry-free professional management service that ensures our condo is rented when we are not on Island. By being on-site they can provide a level of service to your guests that can’t be provided by any other company. We are very happy with Outrigger and are willing to further discuss with anyone considering utilizing Outrigger to manage their condo.

    Betty Ann & Eric — Palms at Wailea Maui Program Member since 2009

    Occupancy at optimal rates! It has made our financial lives much smoother. We were not expecting such phenomenal performance.

    D.L. – Honua Kai Resort & Spa Rental Program Member since 2010

    We have been owners at the Royal Kahana for over 31 years and have had experience with other rental companies. By far, our most rewarding experience has been the 21 years with Outrigger! Year after year, and through all the seasons, we have been extremely satisfied with our revenue. Your revenue share is quite generous. We also feel lucky to have had so much knowledgeable & efficient assistance in the remodeling of our 1 bedroom unit. We absolutely could not have done so many major improvements without all the help we received from your "on property" staff!

    From our point of view we just have to say Outrigger = Outstanding!

    Crystal and Jeff L. — Royal Kahana Maui by Outrigger Program Member 2000

    We have partnered with Outrigger for over 22 years to manage and operate our condo unit in the Palms at Wailea. We appreciate the stability and competence of the Outrigger management team, their deep understanding of the local market, and ability maximize revenue production despite sometimes challenging conditions. We get solicitations from other property managers from time to time but have never seriously considered moving away from Outrigger given our experience.

    Alex — Palms at Wailea Maui Program Member since 1999

    I purchased a condo at Royal Sea Cliff over 1.5 years ago and have been very pleased with Outriggers' management of my vacation home. As someone who lives over 3,000 miles away, I am happy to say that the Outrigger managers and staff have all been super responsive, professional, detailed oriented, and pleasant.

    I have another vacation rental in a different state. I am always frustrated that this other company is not as efficient and friendly as Outrigger is. Also, Outrigger has kept my unit quite full; they've exceeded my expectations. I’ve been very impressed with the occupancy percentage and daily rental rates. There are many options for property management companies, Outrigger was a great choice for me.

    A.L. & S.D. — Royal Sea Cliff Rental Program Member since 2019

    Since I am not on-site, I appreciate the service they provided me and my family over the years at Honua Kai.

    D.L. – Honua Kai Resort & Spa Rental Program member since 2011

    We have used Hawaii Vacation Condos by Outrigger since 2012 on both of our condos at The Royal Sea Cliff. Management has always been available to address any of our concerns and their response and attention to detail has been first rate. The convenience of just dialing "0" on telephone for our guests is unsurpassed with even minor issues quickly handled by onsite staff. Most importantly, we have been very happy with the bookings.

    We would highly recommend using Hawaii Vacation Condos by Outrigger.

    S.H.W. — Royal Sea Cliff Rental Program Member since 2012

    I entered into a management agreement with the on-site management company known as “ Honua Kai Homeowner Experience“. They have done an exceptional job managing my home. Every time I come to visit, my home is in impeccable condition. My guests have never complained. The staff has made managing my Honua Kai residence seamless!

    J.D. – Honua Kai Resort & Spa Rental Program member since 2009

    From the beginning we have always been with the Outrigger program. There has never been any reason to change to another program. The staff and management take care of all our needs and wants in timely manner. We have come to know them personally and to care about them and what happens to them in their lives. This goes both ways for us. Our maitenence needs, the upkeep, and returns on our unit exceeds our expectations.

    When we arrive each year, management greets us with "Welcome Home". We think Carol and Gary are the best as well as the staff. They truly are considered our friends as well as our family who lives in Hawaii. Can’t wait each year to return and start counting the day whenever we leave.

    Dianna and Ron M. — Royal Sea Cliff Kona by Outrigger Program Member since 2004

    Investing in the resort has become a great experience for our family. When we do not occupy the units they are rented. We have owned as many as four at one time. I personally have been approached by several private rental companies about switching over to them. Since the start I have always had impeccable service with Intrawest and now Outrigger. Problems will always come up, but it is how you handle them and how fast. My family and I are very happy with our units and the way and people that work there handles them.

    C.M. – Honua Kai Resort & Spa Rental Program member since 2009

    I am extremely pleased to have been in the Outrigger program since 2004. As a studio owner and then a one bedroom owner, Outrigger has helped me to maximize rental income. Average occupancy has been very good, even during slow months. Because Outrigger provides on site maintenance, the process of repair and upkeep has been keep to a minimum amount of time. Our unit’s down time has always been minimal, enabling consistently good rental income. The on-site assistance of Kim and her housekeeping staff have helped me immeasurably with renovations, decorating and appliance purchases. The choice program has added to our rental income. I look forward to checking on my monthly direct deposit from Outrigger; it is rarely disappointing. There are no hidden costs.

    Carol R. — Royal Kahana Maui by Outrigger Program Member since 2004

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